Mobile Eyewear Recorder


Okay been using the glasses below for a while now and a update.


First off they are NTSC, and also they put this really annoying crap orange time stamp on video permanently in the worse font ever.

The video stutters and jumps all the time, missing loads of frames.

They really cant handle low light very well or when you change from a dark background to a light one, and the annoying flashing pink frames on mine at least. The stuttering might be improved a bit by a faster SD card, but think the only way to really cure it is to get into the firmware and reduce the frames per second from 30 which it is now to maybe 20.

The SD micro card that comes with it , which is my case was the 4 gig version is also a cheap generic type, prob in part why it stutters so much.

Also the USB version has to be version V1 as it takes so long to transfer the files via its USB port, a quicker way to def take out SD card, put it into a card adaptor and stick it into the pc

I have tried ever method possible in the time.txt and you just cant remove the time and date on screen, it must be hard coded in the firmware and there is not as yet any tool, I have been able to find to modify the firmware in this camera version.

The still pics are 2560×1920 , but they are up converted from 640×480 so they look really poor at that res.

The camera res is 640×480 and on taking it apart to find out, the video chip is the Syntek STK1262BLQG

These are a great idea, but what China is pushing out at present are cheap and cheerful and poor quality.

So many different firmware versions for all these types of glasses and bubble gum cameras, you can never get 2 the same 😉

Good points, yes there are some! The camera recorded right until the 4 gig card was full up on a full charge. Handy if you need to take a quick video of something, and not too bothered about quality or missing some frames.

I have seen these cheaper than the 28 pounds I paid from a China seller on eBay , but problem is you just don’t know for sure what video processor your getting, what version firmware etc, so you may be lucky and getting a better lens and video chip or end up with the one like I have.

Are they worth it though? For £28 I guess if you want a basic account of something you are watching and not bothered about quality then yes, they do work.

But for all other reasons, wait until someone makes one with a much better lens and you can be sure what the hardware spec is and what firmware you are really getting, or just make one out of a small bubble gum cam and stick it to some glasses 😉

Also beware of the ones saying they are HD etc, they are just the normal 640×480 up converted to a higher res, so will still be poor.

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