More Wingsland S6 tests

Just a quick post to say I shall have some more tests on getting better flight time soon.
I have some different props and motors on the way to see if there is anything else that can be
done to better current flight times.
Thus far for those that are following , best mods I found so far are upgrading the cells in the S6 battery packs.
The simtoo XT175 props give better flight time, but they break apart mid air a lot of the time and dont fit well , which may be part of way they snap in flight and also the weight of the S6 and speed the blades spin at exceeds the design of the Simtoo props.

Stay tuned 😉

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Wingsland S6 still worth buying in 2020?

Judging from the amount of messages from my blog I still get about the S6, it seems a lot still have them or buy them. Even now after 3 years since it was launched and abandoned by Wingsland themselves.

Even now the Wingsland apps have all been removed from the Apple store and so you need a Android phone now (unless you already have the ios app on your iphone), and its still available to buy new on banggood.

Strange its still selling enough to justify them still being made over in China.

Why I ask myself is why do I still get so many messages about this 3 year old quadcopter?

More so as most reviews of it were so bad when it came out.

I guess in part it seems great value for what you get. A great looking quad and with a 4k camera, and its very small when folded up.

But as always the 5-6 min flight time (if you get a good battery with it) and only then if you fly in warm weather and light wind. Flying this in cold weather you be lucky to get 2/3 mins.

Would I buy one in 2020?? Prob not as you can no longer get the R6 controller as they not made anymore and flying with a phone is totally crap in my opinion and also the apps have been dropped from Apple store. And also for the price of a S6 and a controller (if you can get one) is gettting close to a second user price of a DJI Spark, which although only takes 1080p video, is if I am being honest still a better bet, as you get a quad with a 2 axis gimbal around 12 mins flight time and is rock stable inside and outside and when arms of S6 are unfolded is about same width size (although a lot deeper in size)

Also if you have the budget there is also the DJI mavic mini, but thats a big jump in price of course.

But I will still use mine from time to time and the S6 has been a intresting project to me and got a lot of fun and hair pulling at same time.

I am hoping one day battery technology actually changes and makes possible a better density that can fit inside s6 and give something like 10 mins flying time.

But lipo chemisty seems to be stuck at what it is now for years, so dont hold your breath 😉








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Wingsland S6 1600mah battery

Got around to again testing a Turnigy 2s 1600mah in the s6 again.

Just curious on this s6 that has bits removed and holes cut into it to remove weight what kind of light time I would get this time with a battery I used before on a stock S6 (apart from external wires for battery).

As you can see you have to have a modded S6 to do this as it needs external wires to battery.

I was suprised that with bits removed to lighter the S6, I got almost the same flight time as before. So removing a bit of weight dont seem to make much difference as this latest try with this 1600mah still got the same 7 mins in air time as before.

Video at bottom of page for those that want to watch a boring flight 😉

So really removing weight be cutting holes and changing gps antenna to a small lighter type really dont make much difference.

Pics below.

But conclusion is still the same, best way to get a bit better flight time of around 7 mins in the air is to replace the wingsland internal cells with Hyperion G7 1400mah LiHv cells.

But other users who messaged me saying these are very hard to find thesedays, so have to look out for something else that fits next.

Best way I feel is finding some lower kv motors that fit and bigger props, but that may not be ideal for the way the firmware is setup and also not really economical to do at present.

Or better still someone with 3d design and printing skills to make a clone of the simtoo fairy xt175 props that fit the stock motor clamps.

Video below of flight with the Turnigy 2s 1600mah.

Flight was done in indoor mode and so used the downward infrared sensor and optical flow sensor. These only enabled indoors when S6 does not get any gps sats and then starts in indoor mode with sensors. They dont hold that well as you can see, with a lot of up and down and drifting.
These downward sensors ONLY work when inside! When outside and S6 picks up gps sats, the sensors are turned off.
Also when in “indoors mode” You dont have much control, like big movements needed to move quad around and hence better to only use in a big room with high ceilings.

Note you have to click on pop out window (box top right of video) to view full screen.





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Wingsland no longer on Apple app store

A user has contacted me saying he could not find the Wingsland app in the apple store.

I checked myself and yes all the Wingsland apps have been removed from the Apple App Store!

This means unless you already have the app installed you wont be able to use any wingsland drones with a apple device unless you already have the app on there.

So seems going forward only option will be Android as you can always install the app .apk file even if its also removed from google play.


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Mavic Air water damage

Got hold of a Mavic Air that had suffered a crash into a lake. Lucky enough this was fresh water and not a crash into sea water!!

Goes without saying the esc board was toast and so needed a new one.

Next job was to throughly clean all the ribbon connectors which always corrode when they enter the water. (But not as bad as what salt damage does)

But still took a while to clean up all the connectors with switch cleaner and very fine sand paper.

But the camera and obstacle sensors and gps were working all fine.

One of the antenna connectors on the main board was damaged and the outer ground connector sleeve has ripped off the board and still needs to be replaced.

On getting it all back together it powers up.. But……

I have to power it on and then power it off and do this at least 2 or 3 times until the remote connects. It must be sensing something wrong as it throws up solid red led. I assume it might? ether be sensing the signal strength to the antenna leg is not 100% what it expects due to damaged connector and split in the wire which I had to repair.

Or the main board has damage that was caused by water damage thats messing with the wifi, although on a test I done it seems fine the strength of signal once it connects.

This is where access to the logs would be handy, but alas this is not like the older models that one could jailbreak and read the internal logs. One can read the logs off the android phone, but that are not much help with the error.

So all in all this was more sucessful that most water damage quads I tried to repair, mainly due to it being fresh water damage and not salt water and also the esc board is separate and not too expensive to replace.

The main board for this way beyond economical though.

On to a test flight next…….

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