Wingsland S6 Indoor Mode vs Outdoor Mode

Thanks to a fellow friend and S6 owner, who originally let me on to this , and have mentioned some of this in a previous post.

On the old firmware and app versions , there used to be 2 modes. Indoor and Outdoor modes that you could select.

On the latest versions this option has been removed and you basically just have outdoor mode on all versions of the S6.

Indoor Mode

However you can still force the S6 into indoor mode.

This is done by starting the S6 indoors and making sure it is covered or deep in house, so it does not get any gps satellites.

You will know this as it gives a warning about no gps when you take off.

At take off in this mode , it does not climb as high as it does in outdoor mode.

Also the controlling of the S6 are almost at a crawl and hardly any movements are there in this slow mode.

One has to be careful as because of this , if its going hit wall or ceiling you wont be able to quickly adjust, so be careful if you do try this inside.

But in this indoor mode the S6 uses its bottom sonic sensors and position flow camera.

Also in indoor mode the height is limited to around 12 feet max.

This video is showing the S6 in indoor flight mode.

Outdoor Mode

In normal outdoor mode with gps lock, the bottom sensors are NOT used.

The S6 flys using gps and barometer only.



Probably very little reason for most to ever want to use indoor mode, it does wander a bit and the height lock is not very good using its sonar compared to other quadcopters. (This is probably why Wingsland pulled the indoor mode)

This testing was done, just to see if bottom sensors are still actually enabled at all and they are , but they are really deprecated features now and removed from app.

This also explains why when I have done tests with the bottom sonar board and position camera removed it flys exactly normal outdoors.

So in theory you could remove them, but as with including plastic bottom cover it all weighs just 8 grams. Not really going help much with flight time.

Also note, because of when S6 picks up GPS it goes into outdoor mode, its HIGHLY advisable NOT to fly this indoors.

The S6 picks up sats really easy indoors unless you are buried deep and then trying to fly indoors , but in actual outdoor mode the quad will try and gps lock its position and as I found out early on, end up in the wall 😉 Also the take off height is a lot higher and yet again as I found out, will hit the ceiling unless you have a really high ceiling!

I think some where I read even wingsland does not advise flying the s6 indoors and you can see why.







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Zerotech Dobby Hover test

Indoor Dobby hover test.
Curious how well this hovers indoors compared to the Wingsland S6 in indoor mode.
No comparison really , the Dobby wipes the floor holding altitude and position.
A real shame Wingsland could not get the S6 to hover and hold height as well as the Dobby does.

And also a real shame, Zerotech never brought out a dedicated controller for it.
The drop and crash at end of video was caused by some temp plugs I hooked up to use a 2s lipo I had lying around and connections came loose.. opps
This Dobby is now grounded due to the ms5611 barometer totally failing, as it kept reading crazy altitude and would not arm and gave off a abnormal barometer error. This now happens all the time and so needs to be replaced.
Have one on order to see if it is the barometer itself or some other fault on Dobby.


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Wingsland S6 test with Gemfan 3025

Test last summer with Gemfan 3025 props.

Issue here is the holes dont line up as they made for 5mm spacing and on wingsland its around 9mm. So for Test just pressed down on center shaft with a bit of locktight.

Bit of bouncing in this one , gets a bit confused and does this at times with stock props too.

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Wingsland S6 test in gusty wind

Just going through some videos from last year and this was one from Sept 2018.

The S6 started having problems trying to hold in gusty wind.

Problems start around 2/3 mins into flight and the wind picks up.

To be fair this test was done in a back yard and therefore lots of turblence.

But it is a test I do on all my quads to get a idea of how they handle the conditions.

The S6 seems to be slow to react and them slow to brake from over corrections. I think a lot of this could be addressed by fine tuning the pid’s . But sadly be do not have any software from wingsland to adjust this.

To be also fair this test was done using stock props, but using a 2s Turnigy 1600mah standard lipo so was heavier and therefore would add to trying to recover in the wind.

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Faulty Wingsland M5

Just got hold of a faulty Wingsland M5.

On power on all it does is this:-

In App shows battery 0% and also no reading from sensors at bottom.

So first thought was maybe something loose inside or some power issue?

So teardown time 😉

Once I got this apart did notice something on the connector from esc board to main board , on the bottom right 3 of the wires were stripped bare and possibly touching when together? I noticed this before I took plug out, so I know it was not my own doing.

Above is the M5 esc board

Above the sonic sensors and optical flow camera.

Above front of M5 with gps and barometer

Side view of M5 showing the flight controller board

Another side photo showing the IMU and camera

Rear view showing leds

Anyway, back to fault..

I have now checked all the mosfets in case they were to blame and all power rails seem to be fine.

Intresting I feel is the fact the app shows battery at 0% , but also the sensors have no value.

Camera works and records fine, so is there a problem with comms bewteen wifi and flight control data?

The R6 is connected and has solid blue light, but in app says disconnected, a clue there me thinks.

Anyway, off to fix those bare wires first as that could be related.

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Faulty Zerotech Dobby

Just got hold of a broken Zerotech Dobby.

Quick test, it powers on okay but has a Barometer error which wont clear.

The error in the app is:-

Could be a firmware issue or just faulty Barometer, have to get it apart to have a look first.

So  Bit of a teardown needed 😉

Guess the baro must be under main board maybe near when the rear optical flow and sonar are , so main board needs to be unsoldered to raise the board.

Will update post, once I got it fully apart…….

Have to take the black sticky ccover off bottom to release the main board

But got to the bottom of the board then and its using a MS561101BA03

for the barometer, soldered to the front bottom of main board under a bit of foam.

Hard to see , but number on it is a MEAS 561101BA03

Might try reflowing it first , before replacing it.

Update 31/01/2019

After reflowing the barometer chip and putting the whole thing back together no change.

So either it is faulty or a resistor etc around it faulty or software issue.

But… It will work if…… If I start it up and leave it for 3-5 mins and the restart the drone and the altitude reads stable and I dont get the error.

So when cold it brings up the barometer abnormal error, and altitude jumping around all over the place. When warm it is settled.

Maybe in the summer it wont be such a issue, but if I decide to go further with this quad, I will probably replace the baro with a new one first.




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Wingsland S6 Video indoor flight Tattu cells and stock props

Flight test below was done by forcing the Wingsland S6 into “indoor mode

Please see other video on how to do this and cautions using it.

So again this was done using Tattu 1550mah LiHV 100C cells.

Was testing in same coniditions as last indoor test and this flight time was done on stock Wingsland S6 props was about 1 min shorter flight time.

Notice how on take off height jump not as high as when using Fairy props.

Also note the warning on using these props!
Flight Video





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Wingsland S6 Video indoor flight Tattu cells and Simtoo props

Flight test below was done by forcing the Wingsland S6 into “indoor mode

A fellow S6 use enlightned me to how to do this.

This is done by making sure the S6 has no gps satellites! In my house the S6 gets 1 -3 gps locks even indoors and if you take off a s6 with any gps sateliites it will not be in “Indoor mode”

This is a real problem, as before I knew this info taking my s6 off it would shoot up way to high , hit ceiling and then end up veering into a wall because it was trying to do a gps hold!!

So make sure you in indoor mode, by covering s6 so it does not get any access to gps satellites.

Hitting take off you will get a warning and that confirms you are in indoor mode.

Beware! In indoor mode this thing crawls , and movements are very very slow so ideally need a big room , I was controlling it with a Wingsland R6 remote

On this test it still shoots up and almost hits the ceiling, this is because I was using Simtoo XT175 Fairy drone props on it, so more lift than the s6 was expecting at take off.

(Check this about using these props though)

Anyway, test was done with 2 Tattu 1550mah 100C LiHv cells squeezed into battery bay and external wires to inside the s6. Not pretty, but just for testing.


Flight Video

Sorry about the poor lighting due to position of camera

Almost 10 mins real flight time just hovering..




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New or Old Wingsland S6 ?


Just before Christmas 2018 and because I blew up the esc board on one of my S6’s, I see that Banggood had the S6 back in stock.

They sold all there stock and once I see they had some more back in , I got another one.

It has sat in box as I wanted this to be a spare so I could carry on modding and experimenting with another one of mine promoted to test unit.

A fellow S6 user I have showed me photos of his S6 and it was different inside!

There was a module missing on top of the board. why???

I have just taken the bottom plastic sensor cover off mine and hey presto, I also have this model with out the module and gray antenna cable.

First photo is of my first 2 Wingsland Advanced S6 units and I have drawn a red arrow to show the antenna and module.

In photo below, this is the recent Wingsland Advanced S6 I got from Banggood.

As you can see it does not have the module or antenna cable!

Also more differences.

The motors are not plugged in on top of esc pcb, looks like now underneath and also power for wifi board looks to be coming directly from esc pcb.

Going to have to do a full teardown of this unit me thinks, as this model looks very much like the prototype photos that were submitted for the FCC regulations.


This also suggests that these quadcopters are still being manufactured  or just using old tooling to remake them or even just old stock/parts ?

Based on my recent comparison teardown of a R6 with metal thumbscrews

I am thinking this original module was a 5.8ghz video tx/rx that was never used or enabled? And may have been for sending video via 5.8ghz to googles/monitor etc???

And as never implemented, its now been removed to save weight and maybe a tad better battery life?

Begs the question , if these are in fact still being manufactured then why not update the firmware and app?  (Unless they are just being remade or using old stock parts etc)

I heard on the web that people had suggested Wingsland had abandoned the S6 , maybe not ???

Could the S6 raise from the ashes like a Phoenix at this new price point?

If Wingsland could tweak the firmware and get the sensors to work and release a extended battery option to purchase, I would say yes.

At the moment at the price the S6 is now selling for, if they done the above features there is not at present anything that looks as good or built as well in the current price point.

Also please fix the ios app, it does not show the wifi strength signal like the Android versions do.

What about it Wingsland???

Or…. Is this just a third party in Shenzhen China carrying on production of these? (Which now I have taken mine part a bit more, I am more likely to think this, especially as this last one I got from Banggood is all in Chinese Docs and no plastic case supplied)



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