Windows HP Elite X3

I have always liked the old windows phone and when I found a cheap Elite X3, thought it was well worth getting even though the platform is dead now.

Been using it for a couple of months now and still like the live tiles which is very different to Android and IOS. Yes there are hardly any main stream apps anymore that work on it.

But for what I use it for, I can mostly get around that using web versions.

Nice big screen for my old eyes, but not very bight outside.

Biggest issue I ran into is it lags a lot, which surprised me as it was the last flagship phone and expected it to be quite snappy. But after a few days its seem to really bog down between switching apps and locks up a fair bit, which means it needs a reset. Also fingerprint login and Face recognition are both very slow.

The Dock and continuum was a nice feature, but I also found using that to be a bit laggy too when I tried it.

Makes you wonder with today’s hardware if Microsoft had not killed the platform, could have been a nice alternative to the others still.

But just like the Microsoft Band 2 which I really liked, Microsoft killed both off.


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DJI Battery charging day

When not using any of my quads and especially the DJI ones, I check my batts and charge them to storage voltages every 3 months. If you leave DJI batteries a long time they will go down so flat they may never work again, because them are smart batts and means the electronics draws a small amount of current even when off which sooner or later will kill the battery if you dont check them now and then.

So every 3 months I go through all my lipos and check and top up charge them if they need it.

Its a chore , but far cheaper than buying new batts and as dji drop making batteries for some models, it could get very hard to buy new.

I also find it a lot easier than using the dji battery chargers and waiting until roughly 3 leds are on to use seperate charge leads.

Below are the 3 types I have for DJI mavic air, DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Spark.

Some of these leads getting hard to find on the older models, used to be loads on ebay not so long back, but a lot harder to nail down now.

Only link I have at present is for the mavic air charge lead I got recently from ebay


You will also need a balance charger than you can turn off the balance mode or these leads wont work. I use a b6 mini which has this feature:-


Then I just set the charger to 3s charge to storage voltage for LiHv cells.

I do know that the DJI mavic air and Mavic Pro model smart batteries have electronics inside that auto discharge to storage volts after a certain amount of days, I just prefer to do it this way.

Sooner or later the batteries will not hold decent charge anymore, but if the electronics is kept alive, then there is at least the chance to change the cells if you have the skills and make sure you dont let batteries get to the point where there are no leds when charging as the battery chip inside will reset and no cheap easy way around reprograming these at present.

Dont forget to charge up rc controller aswell, but have to do that manually and I normally charge to around half the leds on.

Have fun.




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Wingsland S6 li-ion cells

To test out better if faking the battery level on my S6 makes better use of 18650’s cells a better option, I got some new ones and was curious about the bigger size 21700 cells.

As you can see these bigger cells and although 4500mah at upto 20amps rating they are sadly too big and heavy for a small done like the s6.


But will come in handy for something else.

The 18650 cells fit in the battery bay if you trim the plastic a bit , but last time I tried this flight times were only 2 or 3 mins because the S6 lands at 3.6 per cell,

With my latest mod I can get down to just under 3.40 per cell before the esc cant handle the low voltage, at 3.3v the esc goes crazy 😉



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Failed Chinese spot welder

Just got hold of one of these to make up some 18650 packs without having to solder them together.

Sadly after trying 2 test welds where it hardly sparked at all no matter what setting it was on , it then throw smoke out.

On taking apart one of the mosfets has gone dead short.

Before people comment, I was using a 12 volt 3s 5000mah pack so it was not a battery issue.

The mosfets in this was a 4N04R8  and they are quite pricey and cheapest place I could find for these is Aliexpress

Will be a while before they arrive though.

Although this is the later version and does not need the Capacitor mod, there is another resister mod that someone worked out on these later versions and will do that when the mosfets turn up.

Probably wiser and quicker to buy another or just make a diy one 😉



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Wingsland S6 battery mod

Been looking into this for a while , because as any S6 user knows the flight time is very poor.

Part of this is the cells that come with the S6 can be pretty hit of miss and they perform really badly in cold weather.

Also part of this is due to the low voltage landing value which is 3.60 per cell and so 7.2 volts for the pack and battery is classed as 0% and lands.

I think Wingsland set the value at 3.60 as the cells are low c rating and will die off pretty quick at the end and to save it falling out of the sky they set a cautious low voltage landing value.

So I figured a way to fool the battery level.

Pics below show battery at 7.4volts and app still thinks it is at 100%.

Yes puffy clapped out lipo, but only ised for testing like this and not flight before I get spammed with dont use dangerous lipo messages!

The small changes I made were a tight squeeze into the S6 and due to a stupid mistake on my part I blew something, before I got around to a test flight.

Just waiting for some components to arrive to fix it and try a test flight.

This mod not so much for the stock batteries as I think they not good enough to take any lower than the stock low voltage landing value, but more for mods for external batts and also maybe a dual pack 18650 pack.

I tried that before but only runs for maybe 2/3 mins before those type of cells hit the magic 3.60 landing voltage, this mod might make those cells more useable.

Will update with info for those who wish to try if it works…..



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