Wingsland S6 Flash Light

Just got hold of one of these wingsland s6 Flash lights off Banggood

Clips on top of S6 and lines up with the data pins on top of the S6.

Quite neat that you can change the brightness settings in the app and also turn on strobe effect.

A drawback to all this is it will reduce the already short flight time of a S6 with the extra weight and what the light draws.

But apart from that a nice add on

Think out of all the clip on’s wingsland made for this, this one is the best.

The All-Around Obstacle Sensing & Avoidance module would have been a neat add on,


but Wingsland never released it and wont see anything now they given up on the S6.

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Updating a Wingsland S6 with problems.

After trying out a different S6 camera firmware, my quad started to have issues connecting and staying connected and to start a fresh again I thought it be a good idea to update a fresh.

And as I not wrote anything before about doing a update and it may? help others having strange issues with there Wingsland S6.

What you need:-

Usb cable from pc to micro usb type which plugs in the S6 next to the sd card.

A Windows pc

Wingsland S6 updater util

Camera firmware


First follow instructions in the Wingsland S6 updater util link above from what you will also get the file from at the bottom of the page.

Now after about a few mins the updater will be done and S6 will have stopped flashing, so power off S6 by removing the usb lead.

Then run Wingsland S6 app on phone and it will tell you of a firmware update to install the lastest firmware version (because version in the Wingsland updater is a older one), so do this next.

Then download the camera firmware file above and unzip it and place the Wingsland.bin file from it onto the SD card.

Then put battery in S6 and power on and wait for a few mins until its finnished installing the camera firmware.

Then power off the S6 and take out the SD and delete the Wingsland.bin file from sd card and put it back in the craft.

Then once S6 powered back on , go to the camera settings on the app on phone and reset the camera settings.

I would also reformat the SD to cover all bases (Make sure you saved your videos first)

Hopefully all this might have helped.

Although doing this still will not cure the fact that at times when I start app there is no video and have to exit app and back in a few times. This only seems to happen on my iphone6 and iphone 5, the app on android dont seem to have this issue and so assume this is another bug.

Happy flying!


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Wingsland S6 camera firmware S6X70807

I have added another Wingsland S6 Camera firmware – S6X70807 to the camera firmware downloads
There are a lot of issues for some with video freezing not showing up in app and dropping out etc.
Just maybe a different version might improve it for someone.
You can downgrade and if not happy you can upgrade back to latest version.
As always although I have tested this , you do it at your own risk .

Read the info at top of page of downloads please.

Wingsland S6 Camera Firmwares

This version of the camera firmware caused me all sorts of problems with video locking up even more than normal and terrible lag etc.
So would not advise to try this unless you are curious and dont mind the risk!!

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Wingsland S6 Range test

Another range test using R6 with S6 and got to 300 metres distance and could see it as a dot , and just as well I could see it, and using a android phone this time and video kept locking up and was lagging around 20 seconds! Most of this due to it being a old android phone I feel though.
Also on the Android version it shows a wifi strength signal icon top right and the ios version does not have this.
Think I see why its missing from ios version, it does nothing!!! Did not change strength in all the flight, so obviously another feature Winsgland never fininished to add to the list.
Wingsland should have released the sdk for this so maybe others could have made a better app for it!
Anyway, got out to 300 metres about 984 feet and video was still working , apart from locking up and the lag.
Then as I was at 50%, decided to bring it back.
Was flying out against the wind, so expected it to get back okay with tail wind.
But for a tiny quad, quite good distance and I think the max you can go with controller is 500 metres max which I think is hard coded into firmware, and to get far if possible it will be tricky to get back with short a short flight time we get on these.

Also the app seems far more stable on a apple phone vs android one.

The phone screen recording is not good quality as had to turn that down because this is a old phone and dont have the needed cpu power.

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DJI Mavic pro dummy controller teardown

Got hold of a Mavic pro dummy remote to take apart this time.

Some photos of the insides

There were a few bits of electronics inside this, the bottom board was just a plain board

with nothing on it.

Maybe make some 2.4ghz rc controller with this shell one day.

Not much else to say really, but might be intresting for those wondering whats inside a dummy remote.

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