Drones in UK

Not done hardly any flying with any of my quadcopters/drones for a long while.

Not only due to lack of time, but also new drone rules are making it harder and harder to fly and getting to the stage where one does feel is it worth it anymore?

Its also seems getting a sub 250 gram drone is not as good as it once was, as it seems now you have to be able to work out exact orientation under UK Visual line of sight, and this gets really hard with such a small craft.

With how reliable these are and how good the reception can be through the app on the phone it always seems crazy to me the UK Visual line of sight rules and now one cant fly away until a dot that you can still see cant be used anymore.

Not saying one should be able to fly tens of miles away, but a reasonable distant at least.

So you going to need very good eyesight to be be able to fly even a small distant away, which of course gets much harder with such a small drone as as dji mini etc.

Maybe time to go back to flying at registered fields with rc planes and helis again.

Hope I am wrong but think the boom days in drones and fpv etc is over….

Hope other countries dont follow the UK direction….





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