Nissan Leaf EV Connect

After I got my Nissan Leaf I could not connect it to the app as it was still registered to the previous owner.

So I called up Nissan UK and they managed to remove the old owner and then I was able to register for access to the app.

It was quite tricky to do and involved registering with different parts of the website that Nissan told me to do.

And had to be done word for word the way I was told or if one done it wrong the guy at Nissan said it would be very difficult for them to reset it.

I think this is due to most of the support for Gen1 Leafs being discontinued from the UK website.

So anyone else in UK who needs to have old owner removed better do it soon as maybe the

UK part of the site will fail to work in the not so distance future??.

Anyway Nissan UK was very helpful and I appreciate the support they still offer on a 9 year old car.

Well done 🙂




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