Wingsland S6 Battery upgrades

Another Wingsland S6 user contacted me and was mentioning about some replacement battery cells for the S6 which sounded interesting.

That was that Aliexpress had some cells on there from ROGRAPO Global Online Store which are upgrades from the 1400mah ones the S6 came with to ones which are 2150mah.

These worked out for me shipped including UK taxes and postage at £35.16 for 4 cells and hence to able to upgrade 2 batteries.

They took 1 month from ordering to me receiving them in the UK.

They weigh about 7/8 grams more than the original cells and similar in size and fit inside

the original S6 battery case.

If these are actually 2150mah then I assume they are a low C Rating and will be

interesting to see how long flight time they give compared to the original 1400mah cells

and also how quickly they drop from 100%. I assume they will drop very quick the first min of flight if they are a low C rating.

A bit too cold out where I am at present to test to get a realistic review of these new cells.

But one thing for sure, this is a much easier and better way of upgrading the old cells in a Wingsland S6, and because there is no smart battery circuit inside S6 battery there is no

reprograming of the battery to be done.

Of course the battery casing on these was never designed to be split apart and rebuilt and most of the time the clips on the case will snap apart.

So this is a solution to getting working batteries if you can use a soldering iron and have the skills to do this safely or know someone who can solder these in for you.

Will do a update once weather gets a bit warmer.


Normal disclaimer

And of course in this day and age of some looking to blame someone else if they mess this up, the normal DONT do this unless you know what you are doing or as with all lipo cells they can catch fire if punctured or shorted or mistreated!






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