Wingsland S6 battery tests

Being that this quad has very short flight times, I used my first one to test out some different batteries.

I made up a lead to go from inside the quad to some outside connectors.

Using a Turnigy 2s 1600Mah normal 4.2 per cell pack I got about 7 mins.

Could just about fit this in the battery compartment , although was a very tight fit.


Next test was getting hold of some LiHV cells.

The way I done this was to get a 4s 1400 LiHV pack and split the cells.

One has to be REALLY CAREFULL doing this!!

So if you try this and it goes wrong you have been warned ! Dont do it unless you know what you are doing.


New cells slightly heavier above

Original cells above


New cells soldered into original case….


Flight times were on my first flight I got 6 mins 50 secs and second flight was 7 mins 7 secs before auto low voltage landing.

So one can get a tad more flight time with upgraded cells.

Not tried normal flight yet, and would expect this to be better.


Voltages at end were 3.67 per cell.

Charge put back in was 1270mah @ 1amp 1:24:29 secs

So using almost 90% of battery in those 7+ mins.

After second run of these cells I put charge put back in of 1105 mah @1 amp 1:12:22 secs


I am beginning to think the only way to get this up anywhere near 10 mins is probably finding better props and or better efficiency motors.

As fitting a bigger battery going to be problematical.

Unless something changes on cell density in the future and allows about the same size cells…







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