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Drones in UK

Not done hardly any flying with any of my quadcopters/drones for a long while. Not only due to lack of time, but also new drone rules are making it harder and harder to fly and getting to the stage where … Continue reading

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Nissan Leaf EV Connect

After I got my Nissan Leaf I could not connect it to the app as it was still registered to the previous owner. So I called up Nissan UK and they managed to remove the old owner and then I … Continue reading

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2014 Nissan Leaf

Finally got a electric car, being into tech I always wanted one and so picked up a Gen 1 2014 Nissan leaf that had lost 1 battery bar out of 12 thus far @ 50k mileage. After getting it I … Continue reading

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Wingsland S6 Battery upgrades

Another Wingsland S6 user contacted me and was mentioning about some replacement battery cells for the S6 which sounded interesting. That was that Aliexpress had some cells on there from ROGRAPO Global Online Store which are upgrades from the 1400mah … Continue reading

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Faulty Powervision PowerEgg

Got my hands on one of these unique quadcopters. Condition was unknown and so a risk, and it came with no battery which is a royal pain as getting batteries for this is only possible from Aliexpress. Anyway once battery … Continue reading

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