2014 Nissan Leaf

Finally got a electric car, being into tech I always wanted one and so picked up a Gen 1 2014 Nissan leaf that had lost 1 battery bar out of 12 thus far @ 50k mileage.

After getting it I plugged it into Leafspy Pro and it gave me a reading of 82.7% state of health of battery pack.

First thing I done was on this model I can set the max charge to 80% which I set as I only do short trips and setting to 80% will hopefully prolong the battery pack a bit.

So I intend on running it between 20% lowest and 80% highest unless I need a longer trip and slow charge at home.

Not used the car yet as no room to park it until I sell my old car, but will give it a full charge to 100% to balance the cells

What I have picked up though is a slower charger for it.

The original home charger is a 10amp one but the spare I got is a 6amp one which I got to

charge it slower and hopefully less heat and stress on battery.

Probably wont make much of a difference, but worth a shot to maybe put off the next loss of a battery bar a bit.



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