Apps gone Wingsland S6

Just a small update for the ole Wingsland S6.

It seems the wingsland app has now been removed from the apple store and the android store.

Seems like its the end of the road for this great looking but very flawed quad.

You can find the old Android app on some other backup sites around on web, and I have a few of them in the download area of wingsland on here.

Also I see places like Banggood no longer selling it and getting a new battery probably almost impossible now, along with original props etc.

These days you can pick up a cheap DJI mavic mini cheap or pay a bit more for the mini 2 and those are a far better bet in 2022 for a small quad, or one can also pick up a old DJI Spark for really cheap these days (Just make sure you get one with 3 batteries as the batteries areĀ  getting hard to get hold of at a decent price.)

Obviously the DJI Spark is over 250 grams, but then so was the Wingsland S6 and the Spark also only has a 1080p camera.





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