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DJI Spark Master Airscrew props

I am well late to the party on these, but see them on Amazon and thought I might as well try them. They do indeed have a lower pitch then the original props and flight time is indentical. So for … Continue reading

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Windows HP Elite X3

I have always liked the old windows phone and when I found a cheap Elite X3, thought it was well worth getting even though the platform is dead now. Been using it for a couple of months now and still … Continue reading

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DJI Battery charging day

When not using any of my quads and especially the DJI ones, I check my batts and charge them to storage voltages every 3 months. If you leave DJI batteries a long time they will go down so flat they … Continue reading

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Flashing Wingsland R6 Wifi firmware

This guides especially for XZ, a Wingsland user who wants to know the steps I took to flash a faulty firmware chip on a R6 Controller, but this guide may help others too who have a R6 that will not … Continue reading

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Wingsland S6 camera firmware S6X70807

I have added another Wingsland S6 Camera firmware – S6X70807 to the camera firmware downloads There are a lot of issues for some with video freezing not showing up in app and dropping out etc. Just maybe a different version … Continue reading

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