Flashing Wingsland R6 Wifi firmware

This guides especially for XZ, a Wingsland user who wants to know the steps I took to flash a faulty firmware chip on a R6 Controller, but this guide may help others too who have a R6 that will not connect to a S6 , even after a reset on back of R6.

Things I used myself to do this:-


1 -A CH341a programmer (version I got came with a daughter board to program small smd chips and also a extension with clip on) You can use any programmer that can program the chip below , but the ch341a is what i used.

2 – Getting hold of new flash chip a really good idea which is a MX25L12835F, you can use old chip if you want, but I went for a new one in case it was the chip that is faulty.

3 – Skills to remove a 8 pin surface mount chip carefully from the board, easy way to use a hot air staion but you must protect the tiny compmnets around the chip, by covering them with special tape or they will get blown away.

Failing that you can just carefully use a blob of solder around all 8 pins evenly to remove chip.

Be care with step 3, you can totally wreck the board unless you real careful!!!!

ALSO NOTE+++++ Make sure you take note of what way around the chip is,Pin1 has a round dot on chip. Take a photo if you unsure, this is really important or you will kill the chip!!!!

4 – Once chip is removed although faulty, still make a dump of it if you are using the original chip.

5- The settings I used on a ch341a with this version of the software programmer (which comes with the Wingsland R6.bin in directory already)

6 – Attach your chip to the programmer and then plug it into usb socket and then go to programmer software above use the same settings and open the r6.bin (that I have linked and also in the wingsland download section file from where you saved it after unzipping it.

Then up top of programmer software hit read which will show as empty and then you can write or if you are using the original chip click read and then hit save to save old dump in case you need it and once that done erase chip and then reload the r6.bin into it.

7 – Once flashed solder back on wifi board and make sure you put it back with pin 1 in correct place. If you put it in wrong the chip will die.

Fit your R6 back together and power it back on, once its fully booted then you need to hold in the reset on the back of r6 to reset settings or it will not connect to your S6!

Hitting reset button wipes the old s6 settings and makes it ready to find a new S6.

Question – How do I know whether my R6 is working correctly ?????

When you hit the reset on back the blue led on front right of R6 should flash.

If it does not flash at all , but controller does turn on when you open the arms which is what my first R6 done then it probably means your flash firmware is corrupt like mine was. If the main stm32 firmware on the transmitter is broke, flashing the wifi chip will not cure it. So R6 must power on with green led’s for this flash to work.

Remember skills are needed to do this and if you unsure then take to someone who can remove the chip and put it back after its been flashed. You can easy kill the board if you mess this up!!

Good luck









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