Wingsland S6 battery mod

Been looking into this for a while , because as any S6 user knows the flight time is very poor.

Part of this is the cells that come with the S6 can be pretty hit of miss and they perform really badly in cold weather.

Also part of this is due to the low voltage landing value which is 3.60 per cell and so 7.2 volts for the pack and battery is classed as 0% and lands.

I think Wingsland set the value at 3.60 as the cells are low c rating and will die off pretty quick at the end and to save it falling out of the sky they set a cautious low voltage landing value.

So I figured a way to fool the battery level.

Pics below show battery at 7.4volts and app still thinks it is at 100%.

Yes puffy clapped out lipo, but only ised for testing like this and not flight before I get spammed with dont use dangerous lipo messages!

The small changes I made were a tight squeeze into the S6 and due to a stupid mistake on my part I blew something, before I got around to a test flight.

Just waiting for some components to arrive to fix it and try a test flight.

This mod not so much for the stock batteries as I think they not good enough to take any lower than the stock low voltage landing value, but more for mods for external batts and also maybe a dual pack 18650 pack.

I tried that before but only runs for maybe 2/3 mins before those type of cells hit the magic 3.60 landing voltage, this mod might make those cells more useable.

Will update with info for those who wish to try if it works…..



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