Wingsland S6 different motors test

Got some 1106 3800KV motors to test on the S6.

Tested with some gemfan 3025r props.

Was slow getting off the ground due to lower power of motors.

But after about 5 mins, started to hit the ground and bounce as battery got lower the motors cant supply the thrust needed. Also had problems handling the wind.

So looks like the stock 1106 – 4300kv motors are about right.

So to recap on latest efforts, bypassing the stock low battery readings does not really help and so I removed that now. Also lower KV motors are not much help as the S6 just too heavy.

So after a lot of different mods I have now tried, I will stick by the best mod for better flight time is upgrading the cells inside the S6 battery case to something like the Hyperion G7 cells that fit and also better props. Sadly the XT175 simtoo props give 1+ mins extra flight time but break apart and getting hard to buy now anyways. Maybe someone with skills one day can 3d design the simtoo props to fit the S6 metal clamps, but as this is a old quad I doubt it.

So going back to again trying these gemfan 3025’s on the stock motors, screw holes do not fit so you have to glue them on with threadlock etc.

I think from memory when I last tried this they gave about same boost as simtoo props, but did have a few issues with props not balanced.

Anyway, that will be the end of the mods for this little quad now as I tried everything really. Been a intresting little ride, but just have to accept for a stock unit, around 6 mins flight time is best to be had.

Have fun allΒ  πŸ™‚


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DJI Mavic Air Master Airscrew

Well after trying out some Master Airscrew props on my Spark, I got some V2 props for my old Air.

Again I went for red in the hope just maybe it would put the seagulls off a bit? Probably not , but worth a try as because I live near a beach.

Anyway, tried a test hover inside and like the Spark versions they do have a lower pitch , so not quite so anoying, athough the standard noise does not bother me after years of nitro engines screaming πŸ˜‰

What I am more intrested in with these props for the Air is they claim they give better flight time.

No scientific test, but on a test hover I got 14:45 til low battery alert which I have set to 25%.

With the stock props and same battery I got 13:13.

So approx around roughly 10% more and about an extra 1:30 mins, so seems well worth the extra price for a bit more flight time.

I think I should get better even as stock, but this was a old air that crashed into a river that I repaired and compared to other mavic air’s , mine dont seem to have the same flight times. I need to replace the bearings at some stage as that might be whats causing mine to be less than most others..

Still as with all DJI quads, another nice quality craft and as always holds position perfect when flying indoors.

Yes before everyone shouts, I do realize flying in normal forward flight normally gives better flight times!

I did say in a previous post that the DJI Spark was a good buy if you can get one cheap with spare batts, but it also seems the price of these first gen air’s have fallen a lot too now.

So this could be a good buy too and not too much more expensive than a Spark, and at this moment in time you can still buy new batts from DJI’s store!

Downside I dont like about the Air is DJI changed the encryption keys on the air and so you cant tinker with internal settings like you can do on the spark and also cant downgrade either if you on one of the latter firmwares which most are on thesedays.

I do like the look of the this older Air and its solid built too. Flight time not a big upgrade over the Spark, but it is a 4k camera and 3 axis gimbal and can handle the wind better.





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DJI Spark Master Airscrew props

I am well late to the party on these, but see them on Amazon and thought I might as well try them.

They do indeed have a lower pitch then the original props and flight time is indentical.

So for sure if you want a more pleasing prop sound, these will be for you.

I also wanted to try them out as getting genuine parts like props and even more so Batteries is getting hard now. You can get cheap chinese knock off props at a push, although prefer original props or getting these Master Airscrew ones will do.

Of course have to take props off before the Spark will fit in the DJI Bag, but thats no big deal with how easy props go on and off.

These quads go pretty cheap these days and might still be a good buy for a cheap quality 1080p 2 axis gimbal quadcopter, if you can get one at a good price. Make sure if you do look out for one, get one that comes with spare working batteries as it seems in the UK at least, DJI dont stock the batteries anymore and so I assume they discontinued them πŸ™

And you cant get any third party batteries as DJI changed the battery firmware and so third parties could not copy them like the older Mavic Pro ones.

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Seen a few videos on the new DJI FPV quad and as always with DJI stuff, looks pretty amazing.

Images courtesy of DJI

Way out of my reach, but still intresting to see others who got one and what it can do.

So yes again DJI , looks a great bit of kit and I hope everyone who can afford to get one has some amazing flights with it!

Happy flying πŸ™‚


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18650 cells Wingsland S6

Using my mod for low battery by pass, I tried some LG 18650 3000Mah cells.

Cut to the chase, still not worth it.

Got around 2:30 mins before S6 started to behave erratically because the voltage on pack got to around 6.6 – 6.8 volts and at that voltage the esc does not work correctly.

Starts erratically moving up and down and very unresponsive.

Only way to get around that is to wire in a third party esc that works on low voltages that could take advantage of 18650’s. Maybe I will do that at some stage.

Still I know for sure as things stand , 18650’s are not a viable option on this craft due to how many amps this S6 pulls and also the low voltage limitation of the stock esc board.

I have some lower kv motors on the way from Banggood that might prove more efficient to get some more life from this old quad with standard lipo’s.

Have fun




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