Wingsland M5 with Flytrex logger mod

As I have one of these Flytrex Core V2 GPS flight logger modules lying about, thought it woudl be a idea to installed it into the M5.

On the board above the sonar inside M5 where camera is plugged in are nicely labelled GPS pads.

All you need to connect the skytrex core 2 is to solder 4 wires onto the pins , gnd , 5v , gps tx and gps rx and you are set to go.

I think from memory I might have got the gps tx and rx wires (green and white) around the wrong way the first time, so if you follow this and it dont work then swap those 2 wires, the others wires are correct.

The module then fits inside area where battery wires come out and is enough room to leave it in there and pull it out when you need to read the logs from the sd card.

Video with overlay in next post.

Works fine and might also end up trying the Flytrex on the S6.

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Wingsland M5 at beach

My first real test flight of the Wingsland M5.

Went pretty well, and I got about 9 mins flight time in 50F temps.

So a long way off the advertised 17Mins flight time its specs say, but you will never get the advertised times anyways. But only 9 hopefully is due to the cold.

We shall see once weather gets a lot milder.

The M5 is fun to fly and it flys upto about 30mph, but a drawback to this is because the camera is angled so much down that all you see on screen in the ground.

Also with no EIS or gimbal the video is really jerky and resoltion is only 720p.

Why they put such a bad camera and its downward position in this is a big drawback.

I have seen others have problems with video dropping out at really short range , but have to say I got out as far as I could see it and video stayed solid and that is with the EU CE tx/rx power setiings, so I would expect much better out of the EU zone and in other parts of the world.

Below is a little clip of it flying.



In my next post I will have video of this flight with telemetry on it as I have soldered in a flytrex core 2 logger to the gps on the M5.

All in all a fun quad to fly, but its not really any good for taking video.

Could possibly fit something like a Runcam split to it to get better video.

So to wrap up a fun quad to fly, poor video and camera angle and at around £236 ($308) There are better value for money quads out there thesedays.

But if you already have a Wingsland S6 , then the R6 that comes with the M5 can also be used with the S6 and also the X1 if you have one.

Although there are differences between the M5 R6 controller with metal thumscrews and the one you buy separately which has plastic sticks.

Which I will do a post on as there are some important hardware differences between both versions of the R6.




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Wingsland M5 Test

First test flight of the Wingsland S6 after the repair (which I will go into in another post)

As you can see in video below, it has a lot of trouble holding height.

In fact I had to constantly raise the throttle up to get it back up and then after a while it

would start to drop again, hitting the floor once or twice.

On reviewing video from phone app recording I can see it was displaying correct height, so the baro was working fine, just software was not keeping its height.

The bottom sensors on this work much the same as the Wingsland S6 and that is they are not used when flying outdoors with gps lock, so kind of pointless having these sensors fitted as they are only used indoors and Wingsland advises against flying this and S6 indoors. Outside its flying purely with gps lock and trying to hold height with the barometer.

Winds were about 5-7mph and as always testing in back yard, a lot of turbulence.

Intresting to see if it holds height better higher up and away from all this turbulence.

Run time was about 10 mins 30 seconds, so pretty off the 17 mins they claim. (Although the cold weather certainly knocking it down a bit)

Video quality is only 720p on this and video is cut up into 5mins sections on sd card.

Once weather gets better , will head off and see how it performs at the beach.

One big pain with this is the motors DO NOT shut off if it hits anything like most quads.

This is really the second flight I made as the first one it landed and flipped over and carried on spnning its props and rocking about upside down and 2 of the props broke on concrete floor, and so had to wait for some props to come from china for this.








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Wingsland X1


Just testing out the Wingsland X1.
Was only getting around 1/2 mins flight, but after squeezing back the weak brass connectors in battery so made better contact, on this test I got almost the 8mins it advertizes!
First Wingsland product I tested that has got near its supposed flight time.
Fun little thing and was designed just for that.
The camera is only 640 x 368 and only records direct to phone.
Being brushed motors , I darn say will burn out rather quick.
But flys well , as long as you do not fly in anything but dead calm wind.

The position flow camera not very good though struggles to get a lock, long grass not helping.



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Wingsland S6 Indoor Mode vs Outdoor Mode

Thanks to a fellow friend and S6 owner, who originally let me on to this , and have mentioned some of this in a previous post.

On the old firmware and app versions , there used to be 2 modes. Indoor and Outdoor modes that you could select.

On the latest versions this option has been removed and you basically just have outdoor mode on all versions of the S6.

Indoor Mode

However you can still force the S6 into indoor mode.

This is done by starting the S6 indoors and making sure it is covered or deep in house, so it does not get any gps satellites.

You will know this as it gives a warning about no gps when you take off.

At take off in this mode , it does not climb as high as it does in outdoor mode.

Also the controlling of the S6 are almost at a crawl and hardly any movements are there in this slow mode.

One has to be careful as because of this , if its going hit wall or ceiling you wont be able to quickly adjust, so be careful if you do try this inside.

But in this indoor mode the S6 uses its bottom sonic sensors and position flow camera.

Also in indoor mode the height is limited to around 12 feet max.

This video is showing the S6 in indoor flight mode.

Outdoor Mode

In normal outdoor mode with gps lock, the bottom sensors are NOT used.

The S6 flys using gps and barometer only.



Probably very little reason for most to ever want to use indoor mode, it does wander a bit and the height lock is not very good using its sonar compared to other quadcopters. (This is probably why Wingsland pulled the indoor mode)

This testing was done, just to see if bottom sensors are still actually enabled at all and they are , but they are really deprecated features now and removed from app.

This also explains why when I have done tests with the bottom sonar board and position camera removed it flys exactly normal outdoors.

So in theory you could remove them, but as with including plastic bottom cover it all weighs just 8 grams. Not really going help much with flight time.

Also note, because of when S6 picks up GPS it goes into outdoor mode, its HIGHLY advisable NOT to fly this indoors.

The S6 picks up sats really easy indoors unless you are buried deep and then trying to fly indoors , but in actual outdoor mode the quad will try and gps lock its position and as I found out early on, end up in the wall 😉 Also the take off height is a lot higher and yet again as I found out, will hit the ceiling unless you have a really high ceiling!

I think some where I read even wingsland does not advise flying the s6 indoors and you can see why.







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