Wingsland S6 Range test

Another range test using R6 with S6 and got to 300 metres distance and could see it as a dot , and just as well I could see it, and using a android phone this time and video kept locking up and was lagging around 20 seconds! Most of this due to it being a old android phone I feel though.
Also on the Android version it shows a wifi strength signal icon top right and the ios version does not have this.
Think I see why its missing from ios version, it does nothing!!! Did not change strength in all the flight, so obviously another feature Winsgland never fininished to add to the list.
Wingsland should have released the sdk for this so maybe others could have made a better app for it!
Anyway, got out to 300 metres about 984 feet and video was still working , apart from locking up and the lag.
Then as I was at 50%, decided to bring it back.
Was flying out against the wind, so expected it to get back okay with tail wind.
But for a tiny quad, quite good distance and I think the max you can go with controller is 500 metres max which I think is hard coded into firmware, and to get far if possible it will be tricky to get back with short a short flight time we get on these.

Also the app seems far more stable on a apple phone vs android one.

The phone screen recording is not good quality as had to turn that down because this is a old phone and dont have the needed cpu power.

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DJI Mavic pro dummy controller teardown

Got hold of a Mavic pro dummy remote to take apart this time.

Some photos of the insides

There were a few bits of electronics inside this, the bottom board was just a plain board

with nothing on it.

Maybe make some 2.4ghz rc controller with this shell one day.

Not much else to say really, but might be intresting for those wondering whats inside a dummy remote.

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DJI Mavic Air Dummy Teardown

So what do you get if you pick up a dummy DJI Mavic Air ?

Picture of size of Mavic Air compared to Wingsland S6 and DJI Spark


These are the units normally on display.

First thing to notice is it comes with just non working dummy motors, just the bell housing.

The dummy battery case is glued in and it a bit of a pig to get apart and have to use some heat from hair dryier to get it apart.

And inside battery is a lump of metal to give the shell weight

Others pics

Photo above, just seeing if a stm32 type board would fit.

So to sum it up, the Mavic Air is 100% all dummy, no electronics or motors.

So just a shell and nothing else.

The gimbal camera housing is also a shell only and no gimbal motors etc.

Did hope it might at least have real motors , as one could always fit a different flight controller and gps etc.

But the motors are not avaviable on there own yet and only as a complete arm and motor and therefore the cost is not worth it.

The DJI Spark motors will prob fit but they are not as tall and are 1504S 2100kv motors and Spark weighs around 300 grams and the Air around 400 grams. The motors in the Air are 2300kv. Cant as yet find a motor thats close in spec.

So if you see these come along, its probably not worth it unless you just want it for your collection or having it as a spare shell for a real working unit.

The shell without the lead weight weighs 163 grams and that is with the empty battery case and the dummy bell end motors and dummy empty gimbal

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Wingsland M5 Flight with telemetry

Test flight logged and Flytrex core V2 overlay put on the Wingsland M5 video with dashware software



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Wingsland M5 with Flytrex logger mod

As I have one of these Flytrex Core V2 GPS flight logger modules lying about, thought it woudl be a idea to installed it into the M5.

On the board above the sonar inside M5 where camera is plugged in are nicely labelled GPS pads.

All you need to connect the skytrex core 2 is to solder 4 wires onto the pins , gnd , 5v , gps tx and gps rx and you are set to go.

I think from memory I might have got the gps tx and rx wires (green and white) around the wrong way the first time, so if you follow this and it dont work then swap those 2 wires, the others wires are correct.

The module then fits inside area where battery wires come out and is enough room to leave it in there and pull it out when you need to read the logs from the sd card.

Video with overlay in next post.

Works fine and might also end up trying the Flytrex on the S6.

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