Mavic pro platinum

I have got a few parts to repair this DJI Mavic pro
Some new ribbons from China for the badly corroded ones that goto the gimbal and from the main board to the esc board.
Main stumbling block now is the Mavic pro platinum ESC board, its different to the normal pro model and has the better esc chips on it. But its a quite expensive and also a lot of sellers claim to sell it , but they show photo of the older type and makes ordering them from China a pain.
Could use Aliexpress but can take upto 3 months to get it from there, so going just put this project on back burner for now until one shows up.
I did apply 5 volts to where it was missing on the main board and that did light up, so there is a slight chance it may still work.
But until I get a working pro platinum esc , cant really test fully yet.
Also picked up 2 front motors with arms for the pro platinum, as one of the orginal front motors needs bearings and it hard to see how I can get motors out as on the front arms, as it looks like motors and wi-fi antennas were put in arms and then it was plastic welded together. On the back arms you can easy slide out motors and wires. You could cut the front motor wires, but such litte slack would be a pain to re-solder them back on.
I am not sure the pro platinum are the same as the older models??? I assume they maybe and its just the esc board and props that are different, but picked these arms up just in case.
Anyway, this stays in the box of parts for now 😉

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Microsoft 2019

As this year ends, its one that I have seen my Microsoft Band 2 killed off by microsoft and the end of updates for my Windows Phone and also almost the end of updates to Windows 7.

It a shame for sure about the Microsoft band 2 as although its weak link was 100% the darn strap either tearing or in my case I had 2 bands which the ribbon cable inside the bands snapped and causing the dreaded and very common no charging issue or dead. It had great sensors and worked really great for me when I was out in Cambodia. My 3rd one still works, but pretty much useles now as Microsoft killed off the web service and so it cant sync anything.

Still Love the Windows phone interface and live tiles on it, but also yet again Microsoft gave up and its days are numbered now.
Still not a fan of Windows 10 as to me its too messy and bloated and the terrible start menu and having to do more clicks to get to certain settings easy with the mouse.
But with the end of Windows 7 support in sight, its either Windows 10 or Apple Mac OSX system or yes Linux.
Although if you are careful , win7 will still be around for a while yet until software houses drop support for it.

A thing to bear in mind these days and in all technology this is the case, whether phones or desktop systems or drones or wearables etc. When the manufacturer decides they will stop support a lot of stuff wont work anymore, not because the hardware has failed or worn out, but because web services are shut off.
Think sadly this is a trend we shall see more and more of as the world moves forward…

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas 2019

I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020!

And to thank you to all my viewers of this blog and all the questions and chat in 2019.

The most questions I received this year were about the Wingsland S6 and Parrot Bebop 2.

2 fairly old quadcopters thesedays and with the advent of the Mavic Mini, I expect intrest in these 2 quads to fall off now.

I still like the Bebop 2 for its light size and flight time and also not having a gimbal means no fragile gimbal to worry about. Although of course only 1080p video and wont be as clear video due to using digital stablization. Also because its light, its not as noisey as most other quadcopters. So maybe still worth a buy if you can lay your hands on one very cheap with the remote controller.

As for the Wingsland S6, during the early part of the year I spent a lot of time tinkering with this small quadcopter. Tried a lot of mods and most were not that successful to be honest. Most done to try and improve flight time. Me and a friend from the USA tried a lot of modding to improve the S6 craft. Its still a great looking quadcopter and nice and tiny when in its case and has a 4k camera which in calm weather takes great video and stills You 100% need the remote though as without a remote , app control useless. Flight time is terrible though, just 5/6 mins (in warm weather) tops with the standard battery. And also another positive was the packing, looked the part and Wingsland done a great job with the presentation part. Sadly though they stopped support not long after they released it back in 2017 and so the app well out of date now. Also with the introduction of the DJI Mavic Mini and the age now of the S6 , I expect intrest to fall off the cliff now on the S6. I did have 1 last mod in mind, but not sure I will get the time next year to do it, but you never know 😉

I ended the year with a failure thus far and that was to get a salt water damaged DJI Mavic Pro Platinum working. Yet again most damage was done to battery and the ESC board, a project I will continue next year if a cheap Platinum ESC board comes along, they are more expensive than the normal Mavic pro’s and also tricky to get hold of.

Also with the price of drones/quads dropping a lot here in UK, which I assume is in part to the pointless need to now register any rc craft over 250grams , means I guess a lot have decided to give up on the hobby and take up other pastimes. Only the law abiding of us will register a remote controlled model and hence the idiots who do stupid things with there models and wont bother to register will carry on and thus this new regulation is pointless.

Also next year the other new EU rules will come into place and basically any model that has a camera on it will need to be registered and so the DJI Mavic Mini’s reign as a craft under 250 grams will not make any difference then in the UK and EU zone.

So what I am getting at is, the price of Mavic pro 1st generation have fallen a lot and might be cheaper just to buy a working one at this point, rather than try and fix my salt water version.

As for 2020, I think DJI will release updates to its Mavic Air and Mavic pro range with there new ADS-B receivers , which will be in all there new quadcopters over 250 grams in weight. I think DJI will lock there drones down more to ease issues with governments all around the world.

Been a rather quiet year this year and little progress forward with quadcopters, dji only really released a Mavic Mini this year and third parties have mostly been releasing wi-fi drones that have got a lot better quality but mostly no gimbals, so might see a few more toy grade drones with gimbals next year me thinks.

Merry Christmas and Happy flying 🙂






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Drying water damage in rice.

Yet another post on yet another well pushed wives tale!

My quadcopter landed in water , what should I do???

To which people say put it in rice to dry it out!


Ask any qualified electronics engineer and they will say do not do this, you will end up with rice residue getting into electronics and causing even more damage!!!!!

If electronics whether drone or anything else gets dropped in water, remove battery asap and then at least use a hair dryer (not too hot or you will melt plastic) and leave somewhere warm to fully dry out.

Or better still open up say quadcopter and dry boards out with hair dryer and then leave in a warm place to totally dry off.

Or is something is dropped in sea water, then remove battery asap and rinse in a bowl of distilled water and then dry it out.

So please stop with the bury it in rice , in fact it may seem to work and then once that rice residue eats it way through the board it will end in tears one day.

I seen this too many times when I am repairing stuff that has been dumped into rice and it causes a right old mess and a lot of times make a repair uneconomical.


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Bedding in lipo’s

Something I keep meaning to write is a post about is the old wives tales so many keep making on forums and youtube videos, and that is you need to make 10/20 flights before you get the best flight time from a new battery.

Drives me nuts this one!

Lipo batteries DO NOT need any bedding in for 10/20 flights!!!!

Even the manufacturer’s of these batteries state you do not need to do this and there battery will not perform any better , and yet people still advise people to run there new batteries in!

If the manufacturer’s state its not needed, then why do users think they know better????

There are even some youtube videos that have tested this and they also come to same conclusion , bedding in lipo packs does nothing to increase flight time or battery life.

Looking after your packs and not running them to low or charging at a excessive charge rate and keeping at storage voltage when not used for a while is best common sense approach.

There is a small chance that as the bearings wear in , it could and I state only could increase flight time a very very tiny bit, but for sure the battery chemistry does not work like this and those that manufacture the packs certainly never state they need bedding in.

I dare say people out there will still push this old wives tale, but that is all it is … A tale…

Happy flying 🙂


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