Walkera V400D02


Yet another new model from Walkera over in China.

Quiet interesting this one as its in the bracket that the Honey bee CP3 and Blade CP Pro fall into.

This one is flybarless and also a brushed main motor and also the tail is driven by a brushed motor.

The rear brushed motor looks very much like the original Honey CP2 one and hence I wonder will it burn out just as quick as that one did?

No one really stocking it yet in the UK, so you will have to wait or order direct from China, which looks like £170. But you will almost certainly get hit with UK customs tax and also the Royal mail admin tax, so prob total closer to £200 and would put it dearer than the current Honey Bee CP3 or Blade CP Pro, although bear in mind this heli is flybarless and also comes with a better TX.


Tony over at Xheli has done a review, looks like for what it is handles very well, although I think if you try and fly like a pro with it, that main motor will also burn out very quick in flight mode 😉

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=memvamcQrD0&hl=en]
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