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Adopt Ileach dolphins

Another plug, but a worthwhile one is if you have a few spare pounds each month, why not adopt a Dolphin? Or as a gift for someone? Such beautiful and gentle creatures 🙂

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Volume control for iPod

Apple has now released a free download where parents or owners of there iPod’s can now set the max level at which there players will go. Although here in nanny state Europe , the iPod’s we buy here already have … Continue reading

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Not really into doing plugs, but this one is worth it 😉 This is a teeth whitening kit, and from my own use, and recommending it to friends, if you really want to get nice white teeth, then give this cool … Continue reading

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Odigo – Sort of back

One of my favorite messengers, abiet one that is no longer updated is Odigo. Although you get a lot of jerks on there at times, I have also found some really great friends, and the option to live search … Continue reading

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James Bond to ditch tuxedo

Have to say after reading that the new Bond was going be blonde, then he will ditch his Aston Martin for a Ford Mondeo, and now wont be wearing a familar Tux in the next film as they want a … Continue reading

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