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Microsoft 2019

As this year ends, its one that I have seen my Microsoft Band 2 killed off by microsoft and the end of updates for my Windows Phone and also almost the end of updates to Windows 7. It a shame … Continue reading

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A demo of the upcoming Minecraft 1.8 Update [youtube] If you are one of the few who never heard of this game, check out Yogscast below, Simon and Lewis will give you a good idea of what its all … Continue reading

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High res Moon pictures

Amazing Video and pictures of the Moon and also close ups of where the Apollo landings were. Awesome 🙂 Some great still on the Nasa Site

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Yamaha RD400 Wheelie

Not many clips of these around, wish I had a camera and youtube around back in my day though! These were fun ole bikes in fun times 🙂 Tricky back in there day, very small powerband and you had to … Continue reading

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Robot News

This latest robot looks a lot like the ones in the I Robot film huh? Can you imagine what these will be like in another 10 years time? Must be so interesting to be working in this technology!

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