Microsoft 2019

As this year ends, its one that I have seen my Microsoft Band 2 killed off by microsoft and the end of updates for my Windows Phone and also almost the end of updates to Windows 7.

It a shame for sure about the Microsoft band 2 as although its weak link was 100% the darn strap either tearing or in my case I had 2 bands which the ribbon cable inside the bands snapped and causing the dreaded and very common no charging issue or dead. It had great sensors and worked really great for me when I was out in Cambodia. My 3rd one still works, but pretty much useles now as Microsoft killed off the web service and so it cant sync anything.

Still Love the Windows phone interface and live tiles on it, but also yet again Microsoft gave up and its days are numbered now.
Still not a fan of Windows 10 as to me its too messy and bloated and the terrible start menu and having to do more clicks to get to certain settings easy with the mouse.
But with the end of Windows 7 support in sight, its either Windows 10 or Apple Mac OSX system or yes Linux.
Although if you are careful , win7 will still be around for a while yet until software houses drop support for it.

A thing to bear in mind these days and in all technology this is the case, whether phones or desktop systems or drones or wearables etc. When the manufacturer decides they will stop support a lot of stuff wont work anymore, not because the hardware has failed or worn out, but because web services are shut off.
Think sadly this is a trend we shall see more and more of as the world moves forward…

Merry Christmas

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