DJI Mavic Pro Platinum repair

Update on the salt water damaged DJI Mavic pro platinum.

Sadly although the esc was making the startup dji tones, it turns out it was damaged and its not supplying the supply voltages to the main board.

On closer inspection the print tracks going to connectors are all badly corroded and if available , would at least need all new connectors.

So for now this project has hit a brick wall as thus far parts it would need to get it working again will at least be:-

Esc board , main board , 2 x motors.

Issue is getting hold of a platinum esc board is very difficult in the uk.

Can order from China , but many suppliers claim there esc is for platinum version , but show the older board. The platinum version has the newer esc chips on and so hence would rather get the correct board.

Anyway with how much the prices of second user Mavic pro’s have dropped, that means the cost of a esc board and main board etc really makes this uneconomical at present.

Its a shame, but when a craft has landed in the sea and left to dry out with battery left in = a uneconomical mess.

There is a chance the main board still works, but for sure at all the quadcopters I have looked at that have landed in the sea and not rinsed with clean or distilled water asap and battery removed, the esc part always dies.

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