Bedding in lipo’s

Something I keep meaning to write is a post about is the old wives tales so many keep making on forums and youtube videos, and that is you need to make 10/20 flights before you get the best flight time from a new battery.

Drives me nuts this one!

Lipo batteries DO NOT need any bedding in for 10/20 flights!!!!

Even the manufacturer’s of these batteries state you do not need to do this and there battery will not perform any better , and yet people still advise people to run there new batteries in!

If the manufacturer’s state its not needed, then why do users think they know better????

There are even some youtube videos that have tested this and they also come to same conclusion , bedding in lipo packs does nothing to increase flight time or battery life.

Looking after your packs and not running them to low or charging at a excessive charge rate and keeping at storage voltage when not used for a while is best common sense approach.

There is a small chance that as the bearings wear in , it could and I state only could increase flight time a very very tiny bit, but for sure the battery chemistry does not work like this and those that manufacture the packs certainly never state they need bedding in.

I dare say people out there will still push this old wives tale, but that is all it is … A tale…

Happy flying 🙂


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