Drying water damage in rice.

Yet another post on yet another well pushed wives tale!

My quadcopter landed in water , what should I do???

To which people say put it in rice to dry it out!


Ask any qualified electronics engineer and they will say do not do this, you will end up with rice residue getting into electronics and causing even more damage!!!!!

If electronics whether drone or anything else gets dropped in water, remove battery asap and then at least use a hair dryer (not too hot or you will melt plastic) and leave somewhere warm to fully dry out.

Or better still open up say quadcopter and dry boards out with hair dryer and then leave in a warm place to totally dry off.

Or is something is dropped in sea water, then remove battery asap and rinse in a bowl of distilled water and then dry it out.

So please stop with the bury it in rice , in fact it may seem to work and then once that rice residue eats it way through the board it will end in tears one day.

I seen this too many times when I am repairing stuff that has been dumped into rice and it causes a right old mess and a lot of times make a repair uneconomical.


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