Mavic pro platinum

I have got a few parts to repair this DJI Mavic pro
Some new ribbons from China for the badly corroded ones that goto the gimbal and from the main board to the esc board.
Main stumbling block now is the Mavic pro platinum ESC board, its different to the normal pro model and has the better esc chips on it. But its a quite expensive and also a lot of sellers claim to sell it , but they show photo of the older type and makes ordering them from China a pain.
Could use Aliexpress but can take upto 3 months to get it from there, so going just put this project on back burner for now until one shows up.
I did apply 5 volts to where it was missing on the main board and that did light up, so there is a slight chance it may still work.
But until I get a working pro platinum esc , cant really test fully yet.
Also picked up 2 front motors with arms for the pro platinum, as one of the orginal front motors needs bearings and it hard to see how I can get motors out as on the front arms, as it looks like motors and wi-fi antennas were put in arms and then it was plastic welded together. On the back arms you can easy slide out motors and wires. You could cut the front motor wires, but such litte slack would be a pain to re-solder them back on.
I am not sure the pro platinum are the same as the older models??? I assume they maybe and its just the esc board and props that are different, but picked these arms up just in case.
Anyway, this stays in the box of parts for now 😉

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