F1 in Bahrain

Well, I was looking forward to the new season and more so as it was going have a new qualifying session and also tyre changes in the race again! 🙂

I found last years racing a bore to be honest, and hated that stupid 1 lap qualifying.

But this year got off well, the new format of the qualifying season was much better, although the last session seems pretty pointless to me and for sure wont go down too well with the green’s, cars just driving around to burn off as much fuel as possible before doing there fast lap.

Still it was intresting to watch for the most part and the actual race was pretty neat too! 🙂

Maybe its because Michael Schumacher is now 37 and although still a great driver, I wanted him to win as the underdog to the younger breed 😉

But hats off to Renault, they drove a great race apart from the failure of there other car.

If Jenson Button had not had probs on the start, who knows what the outcome would have been?

That Honda is a powerful car and with Jenson in it, it just has to have a great year and hopefully a win from him for us Brits 😉

Still great weekend of racing and looking forward to the upcoming one next weekend in Sepang.

See you there 🙂

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