Windows Vista

Well come October or November or even December this year, depending on who you believe, Microsoft will launch it’s replacement for Windows XP to the world.

From being lucky enough to test the beta versions out, its plain to see a lot of machines will struggle to run this with all the options on.

But to be fair, it would be pretty silly if Microsoft to make a new operating system that would run on older systems as well as the new ones coming out.

As always we must move forward!

For sure, from first impressions it will be much more secure and hopefully that will mean more people can get on with there surfing and emailing without so much of the spam and pop up ad’s that are out in full force these days, and in turn one would hope to see less machines fall foul of this.

With the success AppleMac is having these days with its easy to use interface, I do wonder if Vista is just a tad complicated for mr/mrs home user? But as always its unfair to compare until Microsoft ships its final version.

But for sure, Vista is a step up and I am sure most will want to buy a copy or get a new machine with it on , when it ships.

My feeling is this could well be the last real version of windows , as the future will surely go towards a era where you have your internet and tv viewing in some all in one multimedia tv box.

Intresting times ahead for sure!

Take care all….


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