ThermalTake Water Cooling

Thought it was about time I had a bash at this watercooling for these cpu’s.

I bought what seemed a very cheap bit of kit, and was suprised just how much you get for your £60.00.

I ordered and received a ThermalTake Bigwater Kit.

Hooked at all up to a Intel Pentuim 4 , 3Ghz cpu.

Then started to bump at the speed until it would not post.

That has so far got my trusty 3ghz cpu now runnning at 3.72Ghz.

Flat out the CPU temp is around 40 degrees. I am sure with a much better mother board with better bios etc and decent memory , you these to run higher.

I dont have any flashy options on the board I tried it with to up cpu voltage etc, so was happy with what I got from it.. I know these can go much faster if you match everything up with higher quality parts.

Intresting and kept me quiet for a while 😉

Would recommend this kit from ThermalTake, good build quality and such good value for money.

As always, remember water and electric does not mix, so unless you know what you are doing, better leave this to someone who does.

Graham 🙂

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