Its okay to copy your music to your mp3 player for private use

UK music fans can copy own tracks 
The BPI’s chairman wants iTunes to work with non-Apple MP3 players
UK music fans no longer face the threat of prosecution for copying their own CDs on to PCs or MP3 players, as long as the songs are only for personal use.
Peter Jamieson, chairman of the British Phonographic Industry, said consumers would only be penalised if they made duplicates of songs for other people.

Currently anyone transferring music to portable devices breaks copyright laws.

The music industry has traditionally turned a blind eye, however, in favour of targeting “professional” pirates.

“We believe that we now need to make a clear and public distinction between copying for your own use and copying for dissemination to third parties,” said Mr Jamieson, whose organisation represents the UK’s record labels.

He told the Commons select committee for culture.

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