Whales back on the menu

I find the news that Japan is going to kill 50 humpback whales under the loophole of “science” to be very sad and disapointing.

The very thought of how these are hunted and killed is very barbaric and cruel and the pain and suffering these go through just not seem to be fit or right under any circumstances.

Totally agree with what the Australian minister  Ian Campbell said:-

“Scientific whaling is just commercial whaling under another guise. To be hunting 50 of these endangered species is an outrage.”

And from Leah Garcés, the director of campaigns for the World Society for the Protection of Animals

“They will be using the same weapons that inflict a horrific death on minke whales. I cannot imagine what it will be like for humpbacks.”

Even if the numbers were back to what they used to be, which they are not, I still do not see any reason in the word for this needless slaughter.

Live in peace and let those that live in the oceans have the same……… 


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