The start of Public tv

Something that I could always see coming at some stage , was ordinary people making there own tv. The internet again is making this possible. As the speeds of the internet get faster and as even more surf it, there is a big audeince out there to show your talents, or intrests to.

Sites like and google video are the start of this. Many are uploading there own videos and mini vids of many things, like comedy, music , or just plain crazy stuff.

In the not too distant future, people will surely make there own news programs and views on many things that maybe you feel are not covered now.

There is for me, is something that will be become very big over the next few years and it will be very intresting, well at least until those in power decided its not good for us and censor or try and ban it..

But as these folk are always years behind the new technology, enjoy the years ahead and the very intresting things to come from it all.

Enjoy these from Yourtube:-

Pink Floyd – performing at Live 8 in UK.

Marc Bolan T-Trex – 1972 Metal Guru

The Sweet – Blockbuster 1973

Black Sabbath – War Pigs (Live in Paris – 1970)

This is funny – shakira my hip dont lie – give it a watch!

This pilot earned his wages landing this aircraft in windsheer and crosswinds


Shall post a few of the ones that tickle my fancy each week.

Take care to you all

Graham 🙂

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