Airfix gone bust :-(

I have read in the Daily Mail, the sad news that Airfix has gone into recievership.

With the advent of the internet , playstations, xbox’s and satellite tv etc, it seems there are not enough out there buying there products to keep afloat.

Have many memories myself as I am sure many do, about growing up and buying one of these kits and spending hours putting them together, painting them and adding the decals etc.

I do think its a tad sad that , there is no intrest in putting together these at times highly fiddly pieces and the enjoyment of when they were all done and hanging from the ceilings or on the shelf.

I am sure also that a lot sat down with there parents and both got many hours or fun out of these, and also it was a time you spent with your dad or mum, doing something together.

Yes the world has moved on, but one does wonder how many now just go upstairs and plug in there playstations or dvd films, and are missing out with that bit of time that doing something like building a model used to bring.

This news is not just about a company making no profits going bust, but yet another sign that growing up glued to a screen or msn is what so many now do, and I feel personally that so many now miss out on the quality time we used to spend with real people.

Gosh I am getting old 😉

Take care all


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