C & T 69000 XP DRIVER

Came across a old laptop of mine that although very old these days is okay for taking around with me, so decided to see if it still worked and battery was okay.

It all was, so put in a newer hard disk and installed windows xp on it.

It was the Toshiba 2535cds that I bought back in 1999 when I was over in the states, and came back then with windows 98 and a 4 gig hard disk and a pentium 300mhz cpu and 32 meg ram! LOL

Been upgraded to a more useable state now of course.

Anyway, XP installed okay and after doing a million updates as normal, it did not find a driver for the graphics card in it, a Chips & Technologies CT6900 with 2 meg of ram.. lol

Went to the excellent Toshiba support and downloads section, and they did not have any graphics drivers for xp or win 2000 for this old model.

(Hats off to Toshiba, they really have the best support site I have used!, Darn good reason to buy Toshiba laptops I think myself)

After searching for hours, I managed to find a xp driver that installed and works fine and I am linking to this in case anyone else out there needs this hard to find w2k/xp driver.

The site is located at :-


Its a russian website and the file you want is :- sp15114.exe

Its seems to be a driver for the Compaq Armada 4210, 4220, and works fine on this Toshiba laptop.

A big thanks to drivers.microbit.ru !! 🙂

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