Fs1e and RD250

Came across these on ebay and brought back very many memories and for all those who ever owned these bikes and the fun times back then, have a trip down memory lane.

Found these on Ebay uk for sale and if I had the room, would buy them myself 😉

The fizzy with its top speed of 50mph downhill with a strong wind! 😉 Remember those pedals??? lol

I can’t believe it was almost 31 years ago I got my brand new fizzy. Oh my , am I really that old now? LOL

And remember the RD250? and the Allspeed expansion chambers that when fitted made this sound awesome!

I have a sample from the web someplace of that noise they made, still send shivers down my spine hearing it.

Ah yes the noise, the smell of pure 2 stoke engines screaming there nuts off……

Great days, great people and great times. 🙂

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