Decent sms for iPhone

One of my biggest complaints against the iPhone has always been the pathetic sms software that came with it. Help is now at hand if you have your iPhone jailbreaked , as you can use the third party addon called SMSD.

This addon brings to the iPhone what every other phone has out there and that proper sms capabilities!

You can install it via the once you have your iPhone jailbreaked.

Thanks to these 3rd party addons, my iPhone now has become a great phone and its a pity apple did not release it in a useable fashion in the first place. In fact in my eyes, apple owe a lot to these 3rd party developers showing off the iPhone to be a great phone and platform. For sure as the phone came as standard, for me it was just too basic.

Thanks to all those working on the 3rd party apps! 🙂

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