Apple MacBook Air overheating?

It seems there are users of the new macbook air, which are still having overheating problems with there new toys. I must admit when I used one, I noticed it did seem to fry when you were doing anything that demanded a high load on it. No real surprise to me to be honest and even when I first see one, I thought how on earth they going to keep this thing cool? The fan inside the unit has to be small also and personally its no surprise these are getting so hot when in heavy use. And also for long term reliability you have got to keep a laptop as cool as possible. The small enclosed form factor and the power of cpu’s , hard disk etc means all laptops get hot, and as ncie and pretty as the new Air is, making anything that thin is a worry about not only how it will perform now, but is the thinness of it going cause problems down the road? I would love to get a sniff of the failed  units returns figures on these so far;-) As always, its better to wait for the next revision 2 of a apple product and also the price cut and then I will get one myself 😉

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