Walkera 4#3B Micro Helicopter

Just got myself one of these tiny micro helicopters, these things are amazing! 4 channel r/c and hence they handle very much like the bigger electric helis do.
There are loads of small heli’s around, but these are not like the cheaper toy ones out there, please be aware of that if you get one, they are quite difficult to fly if you are new to r/c helicopters.
Hence in the picture, you can see I backed mine into a wall and broke the tail blade 😉 Opps
Great fun though!
I would advise to anyone new to these, to turn down the pot on the receiver under the front cover, so there is not so much movement in the servos, and turn it back up when your skills get better.
These are quite difficult to get , there are a few online dealers, but search the net about them , as some out there did not give a very good service, either that or order direct from china on ebay.
Walkera 4#3B

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