Upgrading Vista to Windows 7

Just as a test a while back I downloaded the RC version of Windows 7 and done a upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, to see how it would go.
If you do try this, be prepared for a long install! It takes much much longer than a fresh install for sure.
And after running it for a while now, it really has made little difference that I can see to the performance, and still takes ages to load and lots of disk thrashing.
I was curious how it would perform with a fully installed Vista system with loads of apps on a upgrade.
My advice when it ships in October this year, is do a fresh install!
As doing a upgrade over the top seems to make little difference to performance.
On a fresh install it def runs better than Vista , but what happens in time will be intresting, after installing loads of apps, how much will it slow down….
The Xp mode is a intresting idea, although you need a powerful CPU to use it at a decent speed.
Shall be intresting when the final ships and can then see some benchmarks on it all.
I think Windows 7 will be a good upograde, but to me its really like Vista mark 2, rather than anything mega new.

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