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Just a bit more of a follow up and things I forgot to mention about my take on Windows 7.
One has to bear in mind that Windows Vista was out almost 3 years ago now and hardware these days is multi core cpu’s and better graphics cards , motherboards and more memory. Even installing Vista SP2 on todays hardware, it will run pretty well as does Windows 7.
Installing either Vista or Windows 7 on hardware 3 years back, from my own tests they both perform about the same, Windows 7 has the advantage that when its a fresh install a lot of the services are not started automatically and also no where near as much is installed as the start, as can be seen by a Windows 7 install is smaller than a Vista one. As I mentioned before, on old hardware I would not be suprised to still see people moaning XP is faster, and for sure it still is.
But with much faster pc’s around now along with the fast hard disks etc and more people using quad core cpu’s, both Vista and Windows 7 make better use of those features. Windows 7 has some great features for todays hardware and thats things like XP mode and native VHD boot and looks much cleaner and less cluttered than Vista ever was. I still look at Windows 7 as a minor upgrade, and for that reason I still think its over priced.
If buying a new pc and its not the cheap botttom end models, Windows 7 is good system, as others have said, its Vista done right, but also it has a great advantage on launch day, that the hardware around for its launch is so much better than when Vista came out, and hence I dont expect to see the same massive negative reviews on Windows 7 as there was when Vista hit the shelves. For a lot of old pc’s and most netbooks, my guess is XP still takes some beating…

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