Loong max Tipple 2300mah 3s 20C-30C Lipo’s


I bought a couple of these to try out in my Belt CP and more so for my Thunder tiger Mini titan as that has much heavier blades and think it will cook my zippy 20C 2200mah lipo’s 😉

I have run them a couple of times in my Belt CP and they came off only Luke warm after about 5-6 mins hovering and were practically at storage voltage when I put them back in the charger.

You can also charge these at 5C if your charger handles it.

Although for me, charging at 1C is more than okay, or if I dont need them in the near term, at 100ma overnight.

Look promising and great price from GiantCod, will get some more no doubt.

Only bummer for me was I had to change my connectors on the heli’s and other lipos I have to Bullet type Connectors.


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