Windows 7 phone


Always thought Windows 7 phone as a name was not one of the best, but I dare say Microsoft is hoping that maybe people will tie up the successful Windows 7 OS with there new phone launch.

From what I have seen and read so far, cant say I feel it will hurt the iPhone or the Android phones out there.

Microsoft always seem to be the one behind with there phones, maybe this one will change all that, but I have a feeling it wont gain them much traction.

But I guess at least it wont have the signal problems that some iPhones users are having, although that wont hurt Apples sales anyway, if they say the drop in signal is a design feature then they will get away with it with there users and most of the press 😉

Windows 7 phone does seem to be copying how the first iPhone was when it came out, like no third party multitasking and no copy and paste.

Cant see why they would want to get there phone at the stage the iPhone was at the start, but there you go and they have promised it will have those features down the road.

Just seems a strange way to start to me, but the Engadget preview of Windows 7 phone was quite positive, so maybe it will do much better than the press says, although to be fair to Microsoft most of the press are buddies with Apple these days, so launching any new phone is going be hard, even if it is pretty good.

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