Windows 7 file copying

This still annoys the crap out of me!
Copying a folder with a lot of files, Windows 7 and Vista will sit there ages just calulating the time to copy before it actually does anything!
Can they please fix that in Windows 8.
I have a dual boot system and sometimes its quicker to shut down restart in Windows XP and copy the foler over rather than wait for Windows 7 to work out how many darn files they are and how long to copy, just shut up and copy will you! 😉

On a similar theme the same applies to browsing the network, why does Windows 7 have to re scan the network when you just been to that network share ?
Then you have to sit and wait for the darn green bar to scan all the way to the end before it lets you back in the network share you was just on!

So there are 2 things that irrate the hell out of me and I hope they sort that out in Windows 8!

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