Gaui 200 and Helicommand

Had this Helicommand 3A sitting away since I bought it, so thought its about time I tried it!
Had to get a new recieiver as the one in my gaui was a 35mhz 6 channel and needed I needed a extra channel at least so I could activate the helicommand either off or stabilization mode or position mode, so stuck it on channel 7 and had it tied to the 3 position C switch on my Futaba 9C.

First flight up took a bit of getting used to as it wanted to drift a fair bit left and back and in the process of triming the tail belt came loose again and it spun into the grass.
So on the next flight tightened the tail belt back up and gave it another spin.
My logic for doing this was because there is hardly a day without wind, these small helis are really twitchy in the wind and I felt maybe easier to practise when there is a wind about.
Of course for this test it happened to be a rare day when there was hardly any wind 😉
But anyways, the extra weight of the Helicommand took a big chuck of flight time off, it went down to at the very most 4 mins, instead of the normal 5 mins I get on 800mah 2S zippy lipos.

I am going redo the mechincal setup again and balance the blades and maybe next time it will also be windy to see how much difference it makes.


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