Innokin AIO (All In One) Pack IK-1200 E-Cigarette

Just bought one of these to try out.

Nice looking starter kit, the one I got was the above silver but with yellow cartomizers and white battery and hence looks like a real cig.

With hindsight, I should have got the silver one with black battery and black cartomizers as I think that looks better.

But you can buy the battery and cartomizers separately , and so I will probably update them to the black ones.

Nice build quality of the device and the lid snaps on nicely and comes with 1 battery and 3 empty cartomizers and charging cable and adapter that you can top up a phone battery from the Innokin case battery as it has a micro usb out socket and the included adapter has connections for most other common phones etc, and also a soft carry case.

The battery really plugs in case really nice and not loose or flapping about, and impressed with the thought that must have gone into fitting just right when inserted in case and it is charging.

So charge up the case and then you good to go through day without having to worry about the e-cig battery going flat.

Excellent value for the money too this kit.

Downsides? The usb charging socket is very poor indeed. The lead fits in bottom and sticks out a bit and I have to wiggle mine to make sure its charging the case battery, looks kind of similar to the old Nokia phone socket. On this the plug does not fully go into the socket and its very loose fitting and to me looks like it will break all too easy.

The rest of it is really well made and this is a real let down they used such a poor charging socket for it.

I hope that in the next version they use a micro usb socket instead and then this would perfect.

They already use a micro usb socket on device for output and so cant really understand why they used the other pin type socket for charging to be honest.

Even with my niggle about the crappy charging socket ,I would still recommend this for those starting out, just be careful with the charging lead when plugging it in.

Also a good idea to buy extra cartomizers as for me one of them lasts a week before its no good anymore or coil dies and only 3 with starter pack, so will use them up quickly.

For starting out, I think this is hard to beat.

Bought mine in UK from and offer a really good next day delivery service from them.

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