Cahaya 2500 mah 20c Lipo

Done 2 tests now with the Cahaya 2500 mah 20c Lipo and the first test in the AR Drone was just a break in test that I always try and do with a new Lipo.

At a weight of 513 grams + a small lipo alarm added it was a lot of weight to lift.

The first take off it just about got off the ground and then I remembered that the AR Drone FreeFlight app has a setting to change to HD battery, I think what that may do is to slightly change the internal pid settings etc to better cope with a heavier battery.

Anyway, flew for what was about 10:30 secs in total down to 60% left for a first flight, the drone was indeed very sluggish and had problems with the wind, it was about 5 mph and because of testing in a back yard , also the wind was swirling about a lot.

I did do a video of it but done with very low resolution camera glasses as my HD pair have failed.

So excuse the poor video and sound on this… But gives a basic idea of how flight went.

I think it would have handled a lot better without the heavy weight of the Parrot flight recorder and at these low heights the flight recorder does nothing to help stabilize the flight, and only records video and gps track but I had it installed just to see what it was like at max weight.

Now waiting for a no wind day to do a full test down to 35% left and see how long we get.

I am thinking it will be about 15 mins max with this kind of weight……..

Also another note is that to get this lipo and the flight recorder to fit under the outdoor shell one has to cut away a lot of the foam inside and its still a tight fit and the velco strap inside hardly grips at all. Need to take that out and fit a better one.

I did do another flight but indoors and that was 12:30 seconds down to 40% at which time teh ar drone decided as it does a lot to flip over and fall on its back, luckly this was at low heigh and on carpet.

Next test will be outside when wind dies down….

I have since got another Cahaya 2500 mah lipo and that also read new at a perfect balance at 3.85 oer cell, so these lipo’s come very well balanced and are available for a great price.





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