Zerotech Dobby Hover test

Indoor Dobby hover test.
Curious how well this hovers indoors compared to the Wingsland S6 in indoor mode.
No comparison really , the Dobby wipes the floor holding altitude and position.
A real shame Wingsland could not get the S6 to hover and hold height as well as the Dobby does.

And also a real shame, Zerotech never brought out a dedicated controller for it.
The drop and crash at end of video was caused by some temp plugs I hooked up to use a 2s lipo I had lying around and connections came loose.. opps
This Dobby is now grounded due to the ms5611 barometer totally failing, as it kept reading crazy altitude and would not arm and gave off a abnormal barometer error. This now happens all the time and so needs to be replaced.
Have one on order to see if it is the barometer itself or some other fault on Dobby.


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