Mavic Air water damage

Got hold of a Mavic Air that had suffered a crash into a lake. Lucky enough this was fresh water and not a crash into sea water!!

Goes without saying the esc board was toast and so needed a new one.

Next job was to throughly clean all the ribbon connectors which always corrode when they enter the water. (But not as bad as what salt damage does)

But still took a while to clean up all the connectors with switch cleaner and very fine sand paper.

But the camera and obstacle sensors and gps were working all fine.

One of the antenna connectors on the main board was damaged and the outer ground connector sleeve has ripped off the board and still needs to be replaced.

On getting it all back together it powers up.. But……

I have to power it on and then power it off and do this at least 2 or 3 times until the remote connects. It must be sensing something wrong as it throws up solid red led. I assume it might? ether be sensing the signal strength to the antenna leg is not 100% what it expects due to damaged connector and split in the wire which I had to repair.

Or the main board has damage that was caused by water damage thats messing with the wifi, although on a test I done it seems fine the strength of signal once it connects.

This is where access to the logs would be handy, but alas this is not like the older models that one could jailbreak and read the internal logs. One can read the logs off the android phone, but that are not much help with the error.

So all in all this was more sucessful that most water damage quads I tried to repair, mainly due to it being fresh water damage and not salt water and also the esc board is separate and not too expensive to replace.

The main board for this way beyond economical though.

On to a test flight next…….

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