Hottest July since 1914

“Hottest July in 92 Years
Any doubts that July was a real scorcher have been dispelled by the Met Office.

Figures show it was the hottest July – and the hottest month – since 1914.

The average night and day temperature in the UK in July was 17.8C (64.04F).

That compares with 17.3C (63.14F) set in July 1983 and August 1995.
It doesn’t get much better There has been speculation temperatures could be even higher in August.

But Met Office forecaster Nigel Bolton has ruled out the possibility.

He said: “We’ve probably had the highest temperature for the year.

“There is a warming trend for this weekend but we are not forecasting extreme temperatures.”

He said this week will be quite cool and showery, with temperatures around 23C (73.4F) and 24C (75.2F).”

Sky News.

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