One of the things that really seems to be gathering speed every day now is podcasting.

Since I recently bought a Apple IPod 60gig,

and as I have a very long drive to and from work each day, apart from listening to music to fill the time, I have found listeing to these podcasts to be a load of fun and intrest.

It seems someone someplace has a podcast about just about anything,and its very easy to add to your ipods.

I am also toying with the idea of doing one myself , so at some time in the future, look out for a podcast from here also 😉

I can see as well as what shall surely be in the years to come people mostly watching tv online, that also I am sure things like podcasts and video casts will also be very big in the years ahead.

Imagine, being able to get a podcast or videocast on something very local to you, real local news , events or places to go that have intrests similar to your own.

Apple and its ipod and itunes, is still the combo to beat and if you are in the market for a new mp3 player and want ease of use, so save the extra and go for one of the ipod range. 😉

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