Longhorn reloaded

Intresting that a project is being built on the old windows Longhorn code and they have labeled it “Longhorn Reloaded”

I remember trying that out before Microsoft dropped it and worked on and brought to market what we know now as Windows Vista. The Longhorn version back then has some really neat touches and its intresting to see what this team of people do with the old code 🙂

From there site:-

Longhorn Reloaded is a Project dedicated to the revival of the Operating System known as Code Name “Longhorn”. To put the projects aims simply, we aim to finish off what Microsoft started before the operating system was canceled. It is a modification of Windows 6.0.4074, which was originally released during the 2004 Windows Hardware Engineers Conference.”

More info and downloads at there project site


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  1. Hounsell says:

    Thanks for using the picture from my site 🙂

    For anyone else, you can access it from http://hounsell.biz/LH_Gallery/


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