Southend Airshow washout 2007

Sadly as the weather people predicted, the weather Sunday 28th May was terrible, and although I never strayed further than my shed out back, I doubt there was much flying at the Airshow down here. It did stop for a few mins around midday and I see and heard a few helicopters and a couple of jets fly over, but it was all very quiet and I guess there was not too much to see down at the Pier. Acording to my own weather station we had over half a inch of rain yesterday 🙁

As Monday starts here and as I write we have had yet another half a inch of rain already, although looking at my own readings etc, my guess is maybe today will be a better day with not so much rain for the show, but its going to feel very cold down there and more like jan/feb weather, so wrap up really warm if you venture down there!

Anyway, I do hope the weather is much better, A real shame as Sunday there was also a first time low flyby of a Jumbo jet Boeing 747 – 400 due for Sunday and I think that was only due for Sunday 🙁 But for what is planned for today if the bloody weather holds can be found at the Airshow site and for the purposed Timetables subject to weather conditions check the link at the end of this post.

Take care and fingers crossed it is better today!

Southend Airshow 2007 Timetable

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