Honda CB600 Hornet

Well into my next bike I bought a couple of months back and one only 9 years old this time 😉 It looks like it was left out in all weathers and never cleaned once. Hence it has a lot of rust, which I have started to try and remove and also the paint from the wheels has started to fall off. So this needs a lot of tlc to get back to a decent condition, as always in pics, it dont look too bad, it looks rather more tatty in the flesh though. The exhaust gaskets have all blown and thats my next job to replace those and give it a really good clear up and spray the wheels.

Also with this bike, it dont come with a center stand, how much did that really bring the price down? So its either get a paddock stand or a main stand add on for this model, either a must or you cant tension the chain, remove the wheel etc.

Also just got insurance sorted and it seems these days you cant put more than 1 bike on the same policy, so had to take out 2 seperate insurance policys , which is a bummer and expensive for riding both of these during any summer weather we get. Still hopefully aftter some work, I can still get to try this one out this year if weather does get better. And also I can see why the insurance on this was £150 pounds dearer than my other CX500. Where the CX has 50 bhp, this one has almost 100 bhp. Nice 😉

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