Honda CX500 Eurosport

Well at long last the Bike I bought last summer is ready for me to use, when or rather if we have any summer here in 2007!

It still needs a fair bit doing on it to get it into the condition I want, but not bad for something 20+ years old. 😉

I had mega problems rebuilding the brake calipiers, after new seals and spending hours polishing up the calipier cylinders, they kept on binding and took them apart loads of times and could not find anything wrong. It turned out the return feed to the master cylinder reservoir on the handlebars, it became blocked and was not letting the fluid back to the reservoir and hence after you applied the front brakes they stayed on. One of the rear exhausts if quite badly pitted and starting to blow. Going to be a hard job to get the exhausts as I want the orginal and not the 2 into 1 motads, as in my eyes they look crap.

Still now with a new clutch as that was also worn out and slipping bad and a few other bits, its ready to ride when the bloody weather warms up! lol

Still for a old bike, it runs really well and I can remember back to when I owned one of these brand new, many many years back when I was a London Motorcycle Courier (and survived to tell the tale 😉 ) It does not seem to feel any different riding this compared to all those years back. However I had forgot how top heavy these are and how there was always a qnack of riding these around bends, especially when they jump out of gear while you are banked over. I dare say it will take a few days riding regular again to clear off the rust of my riding skills again.. After all it was some 11+ years ago since I last rode a bike properly.

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